Supporting Our Apprenticeship to Sorrow

AUDIO RECORDING OF DISCUSSION FROM 2-5-2023 “Supporting Our Apprenticeship to Sorrow” Practices for continuing your “apprenticeship with sorrow.” Connect with a few people: Create a grief circle.Writing, journaling. Art and ritual.Practice GratitudeDiscover and savor beauty.Practice self-compassion daily.What kind of ancestor … Continue reading


INTERESTING GRIEF RESOURCES “All There Is” podcast with Anderson Cooper. NPR Science Friday Book Club, “The Grieving Brain” YouTube with Francis WellerLoss in a Time of Uncertainty: Francis Weller Susan Cain: “Bittersweet: The Hidden Riches in Sorrow and Longing”Her … Continue reading

Gate 5: Ancestral Grief

Gate 5: Ancestral Grief Link to the recorded talk and discussion: From Francis Weller: “Ancestral grief is the grief we carry in our body from the sorrow experienced by our ancestors.” “All trauma has grief, but not all grief has … Continue reading