EcoDharma Prayers

EcoDharma Prayers EcoDharma RefugesI’d take refuge in Gaia.I take refuge in her teachings.I take refuge in the hoofed, winged, finned, pawed, clawed, footed, entwined life of this planet,In the leafing, blossoming, fruiting and fading plants,In the stones and rivers, oceans … Continue reading

Summer Day

Consider: How might you  “appreciate the astonishing and unique opportunity” of this time? How might gratitude serve you in being with the grief and loss of the planetary crisis? How may you intentionally cultivate intimacy with the living world to … Continue reading

Supporting Our Apprenticeship to Sorrow

AUDIO RECORDING OF DISCUSSION FROM 2-5-2023 “Supporting Our Apprenticeship to Sorrow” Practices for continuing your “apprenticeship with sorrow.” Connect with a few people: Create a grief circle.Writing, journaling. Art and ritual.Practice GratitudeDiscover and savor beauty.Practice self-compassion daily.What kind of ancestor … Continue reading