EcoSattva Action

In response to Standing Rock and other eco-actions, Bloom of the Present is making this vow:


Recognizing our interconnectedness in this sacred universe, we in Bloom of the Present vow to become an Ecosattva community.  Our intention is to teach and act with awareness of the ecocrisis we face.

We endeavor to reaffirm and reconstruct wise relationships among humans and the entire web of life.

We vow to make decisions in our lives, sanghas, and in our teaching based on this intention and awareness.

Recognizing the hindrances of paralysis and despair, we will  meet them with dharma wisdom and determination.

May our shared vision and the power of community manifest through:

• keeping these issues in awareness in our roles as teachers, community leaders, sangha members and in all aspects of our lives
• sharing dharma and teaching resources and practices related to the well-being of our ecosystem.
• supporting each other and our communities in collective action
• supporting sangha members in individual action, with material and spiritual supports

We acknowledge that it is critical to cultivate love and compassion within ourselves and our community in order to awaken to the truth of our interconnection with the earth and all of life.