Meditate with Redwoods


Meditating with the Redwoods: Our Animal Awareness
Daylong Retreat Outdoors
Sunday, October 15
9:30 – 3:30 PM
Ben Lomond, CA
Teachers: Carla Brennan
EMAIL REGISTRATION REQUIRED: Email Betsy Blessing at: Please put “MWR Oct” in subject line.
Parking is limited. Please carpool and reduce your impact on environment. You can sign up to offer or find a ride at GroupCarpool:
During this daylong retreat, we will focus on waking up our animal aliveness. Within us is the capacity for vivid, sensitive, connected presence. We will use exercises from animal tracking training to attune our senses to the redwood forest and to become a part of the natural landscape. Meditations will include sound, sight, touch and smell. We will learn how to walk like a native forest-dweller, bringing animal aliveness to both natural movement and alert stillness. Too often our senses are dulled and our minds are perpetually distracted, creating a chronic state of disconnection, lack of ease, and discontent. By connecting with our alive presence we can discover our true nature beyond self and separation.
The Buddha repeatedly instructed his followers to go to the forest to meditate. Come practice among old trees and new growth, allowing the stillness of the forest to deepen our meditation. When we are receptive, the natural world can teach us directly about awareness, embodiment, interconnectedness, and compassion.
In addition, spending frequent quiet time in the forest has been shown to offer many physical and emotional benefits: better sleep, lower blood pressure, reduced stress, improved mood, and a boosted immune system.
We will meet outdoors in a lovely natural amphitheater surrounded by redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Ben Lomond, CA. The day will be mostly in silence, practicing both sitting and moving mindfulness meditations. For both experienced and beginning meditators.
This retreat is offered on a donation basis. No fee is charged. We have a suggested sliding scale donation $70-175. More or less is gratefully accepted. Lack of funds should not be a deterrent to attending. Non-monetary donations are also accepted. Donations are tax-deductible.