Special Programs

Investigating Not-Self and Emptiness
Sat., September 30, 9:30am – 4:00pm
Insight Santa Cruz
740 Front Street, Suite 240 Santa Cruz
Teacher: Carla Brennan
β€œThe usefulness of a cup is its emptiness.” – Zen saying
The Buddhist concepts of emptiness and not-self can be the most perplexing teachings of the Dharma. There may be misconceptions, negative reactions and even fear when first hearing about emptiness and not-self. Yet it is by beginning to realize emptiness directly that we touch on the truth of who and what we really are. Emptiness provides a key to liberation by helping us disidentify from our patterns of suffering. We will investigate the meaning of emptiness through an exploration of emptiness of self, emptiness of phenomena, and emptiness of awareness itself. Mindfulness practice helps us shift from a limited ego-based identity to an awareness-based presence. This undistracted, embodied awareness is unencumbered by the resistance, struggle and clinging that usually define our life. Little by little the tight grip of our confusion and fears releases into the open emptiness of just being. The day will include short teachings, silent sitting, guided meditations and discussion.
Cost: Dana (donation)
How to Register: No registration required