Individual Practice Meetings

Individual Practice Meetings on Zoom

These discussions (also known as teacher interviews) are private one-to-one conversations about Dharma practice. These meetings are a special opportunity to fine tune your meditation, receive support and to explore, in more depth, any questions you have. The discussions will address both the conditioned habits that create suffering and the path to freedom. It is Carla’s sincere wish that you discover your potential for clarity, contentment and compassion. Please reflect beforehand about what you would like to talk about. Everything that is shared is confidential.

SCHEDULING A DISCUSSION: To schedule an individual practice discussion, contact Carla and she will attempt to accommodate your schedule. Carla:

FEE: There is no specific charge for these meetings. There is a suggested sliding scale donation of $70-$100. More or less is gratefully accepted. Please offer what you can. Carla will be accepting donations directly so please write checks to her (not BOTP.)