Dear BOTP Sangha,

Hello to everyone! I want you to know I am thinking of all of you. Everyday. Chris and I are doing okay day-to-day, navigating the morass of insurance, recovery, decisions and uncertainty. Much still remains unknown. We will be moving to a new location in a couple weeks, still in Santa Cruz and not far from The Buttery. Our mailing address now is: PO Box 395, Ben Lomond, CA 95005.

We are all facing the intense uncertainty of this coming election week and it’s long term impact on all of us. I would like to share a few simple reminders:

Be irrevocably drawn to what your heart knows is most important in life. Find support and warm camaraderie wherever you can. Return, again and again, to your breath and the simplicity of the living moment. And please, look to wild nature to see the beauty that underlies everything.

May we hold virtual hands and connect our hearts through invisible threads as we wish for the best possible outcome. And may we recall that we are among many, many people who are working toward a world based on caring for all, justice for all and a commitment to nourishing life.

Thank you for your consistent kindness, support and generosity in this time of upheaval for me. Knowing you are there has helped sustain me.

I will likely be in touch again in a few weeks.

Love to you all,

PS. Dharma support can be found online this week in a variety of places.
White Heron Sangha in San Luis Obispo has programs each evening through the 6th.

Jack Kornfield will be hosting a post-election online program on November 4 at 6pm PT: