On Monday April 7, I gave a talk titled, “Wise Action: Living in Alignment with Truth”. The talk ended with a quote from Ajahn Amaro’s book, Small Book, Great Mountain: Theravadan Reflections on the Natural Great Perfection. Amaro beautifully describes how awakening occurs naturally as we become more aligned with the fundamental nature of our heart-mind and of reality.

“When we say, I will now practice ‘loving kindness’, or, ‘I will develop compassion’, or ‘I will keep the five precepts,’ we overtly take that particular quality as a practice. In fact, what we are really doing is aligning the conditions of our dualistic mind with the reality of our own nature. We are helping the conditioned be resonant, harmonious with the unconditioned, and through that resonance, that’s synchrony, there is a spaciousness between conditions, that opens up through which the unconditioned is realized.

There are the intrinsic qualities that come forth and the practices that lead in. We get the strings in tune so that we lineup our behaviors and attitudes ‘outside’ with what is already the case ‘inside’. Goodness feels good because the attitude resonates with reality. Lying and harming feel bad because they are dissonant with that reality of what we are. It’s as simple as that.

By doing these kinds of practices, we create an alignment so that things matchup. The conditions are set so that the gap is visible and very close. And as soon as the gap opens, boom! It’s right there, in alignment, and in that moment, the heart is free.”