“ . . .  once you understand who you are, you accept yourself with some kindness, you become at peace with yourself. Actually, you like yourself. You find one of the greatest insights you can ever have is the “I‟m okay” insight. To realize there’s actually nothing wrong with you. As you are, you are perfect. You don’t believe that, which is why you keep trying to change yourself.

And something strange happens, once you actually solve that difficulty, when you can make peace and be at ease with yourself, no one else in the world will ever be difficult for you. There won’t be difficult people anymore. Because the difficulty of other people is just a projection from yourself.

So the only reason you find other people difficult is because you find yourself difficult. So if you can actually heal the problem with coming to peace with yourself, being at ease with yourself, accepting yourself, then you can find you can accept just about every other being.”

– Ajahn Brahm