“Everything rests on the point of intention.” Tibetan Buddhist saying

“Don’t ever let go of the thread.” William Stafford

“When I realized the storm was inevitable, I made the storm my medicine.” Andrea Gibson

“What’s in the way, is the Way.” Mary O’Malley

“The most important thing is to remember the most important thing.” Suzuki Roshi

“What are you going to do with your one wild and precious life?” Mary Oliver

Writing exercise. Repeatedly answer one or two of the following prompts:
– My deepest self would like to __________ .
– It is important to me that ___________.
– I don’t want to forget that ___________.
– When I reflect on the beginning of this year, I ___________.
– My most authentic practice is _________.

“There are those who try to set
Fire to the world
We are in danger
There is only time to move slowly
There is no time not to love.”
– Deena Metz